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Digital Transformation, ICT and Cultural Heritage: let’s rethink Open Access

For someone with a long career in ICT, it’s always a bit uncanny to hear about the trending notion of “Digital Transformation”. While Information and Communication Technologies strictly speaking have their roots in century-long analog technologies, the concept as we … Continue reading

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Update: Engaging users with Digital Collections

It has been almost 4 years since I posted on this blog, so it is time for an update on what has been happening. In fact: quite a lot! One of the reasons I didn’t have time to write this … Continue reading

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Europeana Space: MOOC launch countdown!

The last couple of months we have been working hard on the Europeana Space MOOC, which will be launched on Monday, October 10th! This MOOC confirms our focus on education. While of course the bulk of the work in Europeana … Continue reading

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Europeana Space Photo pilot: Innovate your photographic heritage … and your future business!

The web and the smartphone have changed photography irrevocably. No need to explain that selfies, instagram, GoPro’s and the sheer ubiquity of the image have completely transformed the place of photography in our lives. It also had a profound effect … Continue reading

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Early Photography and the Digital World

There is unmistakenly a boom in the rediscovery of early photography these days, not only with several exhibitions taking place, such as “Salt and Silver“, in  Tate Britain, and the travelling exhibition “All our Yesterdays“, now in Copenhagen,  but also … Continue reading

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Lift off: from EuropeanaPhotography to EuropeanaSpace

EuropeanaPhotography, a digitization project by 19 partners to deliver >430.000 images of early photography to Europeana, is completed. At the moment, users can browse through 448,811 photos on the Europeana portal. During this 3 year journey, we discovered the unknown content … Continue reading

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EuropeanaPhotography Final Conference Day 2

The second day of the EuropeanaPhotography Final Conference was dedicated to Europeana and its family of projects. James Morley gave an interesting overview of new initiatives Europeana is engaged in, and highlighted the importance of a high quality online experience … Continue reading

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EuropeanaPhotography Final Conference: day 1

The EuropeanaPhotography project ended 31st of January 2015. To mark the occasion, we organized a two-day conference in Leuven on Thursday 29 and Friday 30th of January, under the theme “The Impact of Digitization on Photographic Heritage: Memories Reframed“. The … Continue reading

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Opening “All our Yesterdays” in Pisa

On Friday April 11th we had the official opening of the exhibition “All our Yesterdays” in the beautifully restored Palazzo Lanfranchi in Pisa. The Palazzo is home to the new “Museo Della Grafica“.  After some welcome words by Antonella Fresa … Continue reading

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EP Paris IPR Workshop

On  Thursday 14 and Friday November 15th 2013, we had an IPR workshop for EuropeanaPhotography in Paris, organized by Nathalie Doury of Parisienne de Photographie, in Hôtel Villa Beaumarchais,  rue des Arquebusiers, near Parisienne de Photo premises. In the morning … Continue reading

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