Digital meets Culture

Digital meets Culture is a portal and blog dedicated to the relationship between technology, art and culture. Maintained by Promoter, an innovation company with an impressive pedigree in – amongst others – cultural digitization projects and a large network with people in cultural institutions through Europe, the site aims to bring together those who are at the forefront of the application of technology in the world of the Arts and culture.

The ideal place to find the latest news on technological innovations, and to follow up on projects going on in today’s Europe. A good example is this interview with Andrea de Polo on EuropeanaPhotography, a huge digitization effort on early photography, covering incredible masterpieces of the early days of glass plate, camera obscura, daguerreotype in top collections from Alinari, TopFoto, Roger Viollet and many archives throughout Europe.

Discover how early technological change brought about the fascination of light, composition, dream and reality in the photographic image from its inception.

About fredtruyen

Responsible for Digital Media at the Institute for Cultural Studies KULeuven. Teaches Information Science and Online Publishing.
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